Trijicon SRS

10/11/2011 7:32:36 PM TCBA_Joe: SinistralRifleman: topgunpilot20: Interesting, but the Aimpoint still destroys it in battery life despite the Trijicon using solar power during the day. I want clarification if the 3 years is battery only or combo. The way the statement was written leads me to believe it is self sufficient in day light. From the writeups and video it seems that the battery life is 3 years, but in sunlight it doesn’t use batteries (the video shows them firing with an empty battery compartment). So I would imagine it’s 3 yr battery only. The way it’s written suggests that the battery lasts 3 years when taking into account that the sun will be powering the optic during the day. From this article it seems that the actual constant battery life without the photovoltaic cell is actually much shorter, but Trijicon figures that the battery will last about 3 years during average usage with both sun and battery power combined. From the article: They set it up to run from the solar panel on top when there’s sunlight available, leaving the battery unmolested ’till the sun goes down. Once it gets dark, only then does it draw on the battery. The optic should last a few years this way. Someone who only shoots on the range during daytime would be good to go for a long time, but someone who puts it on a HD only rifle that stays indoors may not have much battery life since the sun will almost never be powering it. However, this is just a preliminary review, and we may not know for sure until SHOT. Either way, 3 years of battery life is still the best of any non-Aimpoint optic and nothing to sneeze at since you still have a daylight capable optic even after the battery is at. I’m just glad to see Trijicon release a new rifle optic. Last year’s bow sight was pretty disappointing. TCBA_Joe

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