The M-16 Assault Rifle

The M-16 Assault Rifle

Some weapons become outdated or break in time and new technology simply takes the place of the old. Even though that is true, there are those few types of weapon that remained timeless both in their superior utility and amazing durability. One of these weapons, yes you guessed it, is the famous M-16 Assault Rifle. We see them everywhere, in television, documentaries and even video games, but what is it that made them so popular in the first place?

One of the reasons must be that they served the US military well in the Vietnam War. The first time an M-16 was used on the field was in 1963 in South Vietnam and it became a staple weapon ever since. Vietnam was a country with long rivers and treacherous terrain and the light M-16 was ideal for that environment, sparing the operator from carrying great weight across dangerous country. Not only that, but the M-16 was also extremely durable, as it didn’t break or malfunction even when it got wet or hit. Finally the most important reasons of all are that the M-16 is extremely deadly and powerful. The M-16 was compared to the AK-47 when it came to durability and strength. Read More

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