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Insight Technology 3/25/2012 1:18:57 AM I had the same type of issue with my G20SF, and my reloads. I tightened the crimp up just a little and things goot better. I’ve got a G20 (gen 3) that’s experiencing occasional FTFs. Each FTF is the same; the round is about half way into the chamber from the magazine, but simply seems to get “stuck” there. For most of these FTFs, a quick slap to the magazine base will finish sending the round into the chamber (ie, first part of a type one malfunction clearance drill). The FTFs have occurred using the gun stock, as well as with a 20# recoil spring, and finally with a KKM barrel (17 & 20# springs). All told, the gun has over 700 rounds through it. Since 10mm is so stinking expensive in factory form, the only ammo my G20 has ever been fed are my reloads (off of a Dillon 550). So there’s always a chance my reloads are part (if not all) of the problem. All of my reloads have used Starline brass, and most all have used 180gr Hornady XTP bullets. For powder, I’ve used Longshot (mv of ~1250), Titegroup (mv ~1150), and AA #9 (mv ~1175). Failures have occured with any of these powders, but seem to be more common when using AA #9 (4 to 5 in the space of 50 rounds). All rounds have been loaded to an OAL of 1.26″ (per loading manual specs), and taper crimped. I’ve inspected the barrels (stock & KKM), and have been unable to see anything to cause this. Also, the ejector seems to work freely enough (not dirty or stuck). With the 20# recoil spring, most all of the brass lands at about 4:00, approx. 8-10 feet away. I’m using a solid two-handed hold (no limp wristing going on here). Am I perhaps missing something in my loading (OAL too long?), or do I need to send the gun back to Glock? Are there any other “magic” things I’ve missed? I’ve reloaded for & shot over 5,000 rounds of 9mm in my G17 with no issues, if that helps any. Any Insight Technology into what’s going on would be greatly appreciated. FedDC

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