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Bushnell Red Dot – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings

Bushnell Red Dot – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope Mounts & Rings
Precision and Tactical Bushnell Red Dot: from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Firearm Accessories and Scope Mounts & Rings. Products for shooters designed and tested by …

Comcast Suspends Xfinity Broadband Data Cap
Comcast has suspended its 250 GB monthly data usage threshold for its Xfinity broadband customers and plans to begin trials of new multi-tiered Xfinity data service featuring a minimum data allotment of 300 GB per month in selected U.S. markets. The nation …

Muni Metro’s N-Judah line to shut down for 9 days
For nine days beginning Friday night, Muni’s busiest line – the N-Judah – will shut down while a well-worn stretch of rail is replaced. The Metro line’s nearly 40,000 daily passengers, already accustomed to crowded commutes, will have to pack …

MI-6 gave Brit passport to al Qaeda double agent
WASHINGTON — The double agent in the foiled al Qaeda bomb plot had a British passport, making the U.K.’s intelligence agency key to the international sting operation. Two officials briefed on the investigation said the double agent had a British passport …

Sheriff gives citizens a peek at police work
EAST WENATCHEE — A small group of civilians got an up-close look at police work Friday. And they got to shoot

Baseball | P-E-
Plainview-Elgin-Millville: Joey Kiehne 1-for-3, 2 R; Brady Rahman 2-for-5, 2 RBIs, 3 R; Cory Speer 3-for-6, 3 RBIs, 2 R; Cole Stelow 3-for-5, 1 R; Jack Ihrke 2-for-5, 4 R; Adam Peterson 1-for-1; Sam Ruth 1-for-3; James Burke 2-for-4, 2 RBIs.

AR-15 Scopes

Fixed versus variable is a matter of simplicity and durability. Bradd shooterX308 3/26/2003 5:25:43 PM Patrick319: what is the thing with low-power fixed scopes–nothing over 10x? Are these better or something? is it because of the field of view? Patrick A lot of it has to do with marketability; really, for most shooting conditions, 10X is enough. Part of it is a practical application issue, truthfully. Weaver has the V16T target/VarmintAR-15 scope(which is really a pretty goodAR-15 scopefor the price), and Leupold sells 24X scopes, and Weaver sells a great 36X scope, but these are mostly for benchresters. Personally, I do a lot of groundhog hunting, and I find anything over 12X makes it hard to find the target inside of 200 yards or so due to the reduced field of view.


6/7/2010 3:08:11 Originally Posted By Paddlefoot64: I guess that taking Lasix could remove excess water from your body therefore could have some effect on size of your eyeball and sight. More likely that Lasik would have effect on your eyesight though. Whoops, medic vocab is showing I have been using an Aimpoint CompM4s on my now 14.5″ (was 16″ before last week) carbine for a couple months now, and overall have enjoyed it. I began doing some research looking to potentially maximize my use and ability with this particular optic, and I have run into a couple questions. First, what benefits would I get from picking up a pricey LaRue mount for it? So far, the mount that came with my M4s has been perfectly adequate. I’m just curious what the gains are that make several others drop $100 plus to swap out the factory mount for a LaRue on the Aimpoint CompM4s in particular. Second, does anyone have experience with an Aimpoint CompM4s and the Aimpoint 3x Magnifier? With a 14.5″ barrel, I’m certainly not looking to target shoot at 500 yards or anything, but I would like something that could get pretty precise accuracy at say 200-300 yards. I’m just curious if that would be pretty capable with the 3x magnifier, and if it’s a good solid route to go. I know some may say to find a good 1-4x scope for what I’m looking for (and I may some time in the future), but frankly now, after already dropping $700 plus on the M4s…dropping another $1,200-$1,400 on a Nightforce, or $900-$1,000 on a Trijicon Accupoint is a bit rich for my blood. Especially considering that I’m looking to begin building my second AR in the very near future. I can get an Aimpoint 3x Magnifier for about $500, and if so, likely would be dropping the $100 plus on a LaRue mount for the magnifier in particular because I would want a solid mount that pivots. The ability to quickly switch between magnification and no magnification would be a big plus. Is putting the extra $600 plus into this worth it for what I’m looking to do with my AR? 007Kevin

LaRue Tactical

Mounts that have any type of sliding action against the rail WILL remove anodizing and therefore mar your rail. To the poster that said it was cosmetic only: it’s not. Companies like Nightforce specifically suggest avoiding the use of friction-based mounts (namely LaRue Tactical ), as the rail becomes permanently deformed (if only microscopically) and the mount must be re-adjusted over time. I’m sure some of the hardcore LaRue Tactical fans, as well as the function-first types will say it’s BS and that it doesn’t matter. A quick review of basic engineering will prove this is not only 100% correct, but it’s expected from mounts of this design. In regards to it not mattering, that’s subjective. If you safe queen your rifles or have precision rigs, then it matters just as much as the ammo that you buy for your guns. If you’re a carbine-course regular who will shoot out their barrel in just a few years, then you won’t notice. Either way, it does happen and it is a factor to some people.


7/30/2009 8:15:45 PM I prefer the Gladius or the Insight Typhoon (now discontinued). Having said that, I have a Streamlight that I was given and a few G2s around the house. I would not want anything that doesn’t have an LED in it. For sheer cost, I’d buy the regular G2 and then purchase an LED replacement from Deal Extreme. batmanacw

9000sc aimpoint – Ecolab to Introduce PartsXpressSM Online

9000sc aimpoint –

Ecolab to Introduce PartsXpressSM Online at 2012
Ecolab Inc. (NYSE:ECL – News) will launch PartsXpress SM Online for the commercial kitchen equipment industry at the 2012 National Restaurant Association (

Shooting Targets –

As it has done in the past, the National Rifle Association has endorsed George Allen in the U.S. Senate race in Virginia. The

How the
The shooting of a congresswoman, massacres at Columbine High School, Chardon High School, Virginia Tech, and Oikos University, and the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, should have sparked a national conversation about gun control. After all, without guns …

Mesa Tactical
Mesa Tactical – Received this from a Threeper I trust implicitly regarding LaRue Tactical quality control problems and service issues. He included a copy of a series of emails back and forth beginning in December of last year. Here’s his latest to me: Mike, I’d like to warn people about buying scope mounts from LaRue […]

Larue Tactical
to assist especially when moving from one upper to another Larue Tactical _Tactical [Industry Partner] 3/7/2011 9:51:08 AM EDT Originally Posted By Aimless: Please feel free to discuss Larue Tactical mounts in this thread. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY REFERENCE TO OTHER MOUNTS, OR YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED AND A POSSIBLE WARNING ISSUED. Questions […]

Mesa Tactical
Mesa Tactical – Mesa Tactical


5/2/2012 6:20:25 AM Qman2: I love it when the mailmain brings the mail!!! I picked up the RRA EOTech Dominator mount like new off eBay that saved me $60 over buying from RRA. The EOTech came from MidwayUSA.

Scope Mounts

4/2/2012 9:44:41 PM Have both and prefer the GS. Jason’s components are as much a work of design art as they are durable.

AR-15 Accessories

3/31/2012 6:36:04 PM Originally Posted By CSM: I have two CMP Grade “A” M1A parts AR-15 Accessories and stock sets enroute that I will be building over the next year or so. I read lots of conflicting information about the different manufacturers of the receivers… I am not trying to name call any manufacturer, but I would like to buy a high quality USGI compatible receiver. I have read a lot of opinions, but some seem to conflict, particularly the Fulton-LRB feuding on some forums. I would like to avoid any feuding, but facts are more than welcome. LRB is supposedly the “best” as they are forged. Plus, their M25 integral rail is very cool and appears better than the Brookfield mount and knockoffs. Fulton has the best website, but actually uses their own Armscorp Receivers, but they have a “CMP” deal. 7.62mm I have read little about, also has a “CMP” deal. Smith Ent.- Expensive, haven’t read anything about them. Smith seems to have an excellent reputation though on the rest of their parts. Thanks for the assistance and edumacation. Here’s my .02 Just because a receiver is forged doesn’t mean it’s any good or is the best. 762mm firearms forged receivers are a perfect example. LRB= 1 year warranty versus lifetime for all other makers. Not made to USGI specs. Still has some problems, one of which is a shorter than spec. bridge & doesn’t have proper firing pin retraction. Receiver lug location to far forward on some receivers which is only good for non chrome lined barrels (tho some builders are moving the receiver lugs back so they headspace for chrome lined barrels). New in wrap bolts won’t close on some new receivers requiring major fitting. Fulton These are not made by Armscorp. Although a cast receiver, it’s by far the closest to be USGI spec. compared to others. Very minor fitting if any, is needed for parts to fit as they should. USGI & commercial barrels have headspaced on all Fultons receivers I’ve worked on. Can’t say that about LRB or others. 7.62mm receivers. Early receivers had serious problems. Only 5 out of the 26 I’ve seen were good enough to build on. Unless they have proven to be better now, I would pass on them. Smith Ent. I’ve built almost a dozen rifles on these so far. The 1rst 4 needed serious fitting & I had to machine the mag wells so USGI magazines would fit like they should because mags wouldn’t go in. I just finished a build on a later Smith Ent. receiver & it was near perfect. Might be a crap shoot getting a good one or maybe they finally took QC seriously. Hopefully they will be this good in the future. If you’re a poker player you could try your luck. Originally Posted By spankybear: Originally Posted By Primitive: If you plan on putting optics on the rifle the only answer is LRB M25. My name is on the list for a build, wait time is about 4-6 months. If you plan on shooting irons check with your builder to see who they recommend. Some builders will not touch the 7.62mm receiver. Why is the only awnser an over priced LRB? Maybe they give kudos to guys who advertise for them ? . fefu23

M14 Scope Mounts

M14 Scope Mounts

A factory dome head screw is shown on
A factory dome head screw is shown on the bottom of the stock and a mil-spec cap screw is shown securing the stock to the operating rod block at center. Several flash suppressor sound moderator/suppressor adaptable muzzle devices are available and can be readily fitted to the Army M14 Scope Mounts EBR rifles. Either […]

A factory dome head screw is shown on the bottom of the stock and a mil-spec cap screw is shown securing the stock to the operating rod block at center.

Several flash suppressor sound moderator/suppressor adaptable muzzle devices are available and can be readily fitted to the Army M14 Scope Mounts EBR rifles.
Either they don’t know this or choose to ignore this fact.
This is the Surefire version, current with Navy SEAL rifles.

This is the Smith Enterprise Direct Connect version and I thought the Army was using these along with SEI sound suppressors.

I have devised a cleaning and implement case that provides all the necessary tooling and cleaning accessories needed to adequately service the rifle in the field.

The kit packs into a universal pouch weighing less than 3 pounds.

A detailed packet listing these improvements was sent by me to Department of Defense free of charge, a citizen doing his civic duty.
It was apparently shelved and no response was ever received.
The fixes are out there, they choose not to utilize them.

There are plenty of very good M14 Scope Mounts gunsmiths working in the civilian sector and they will do barrel changes at reasonable rates if it is determined to be necessary. Once the barrel is installed on the receiver, ALL of the rest of the work necessary to build a rifle can be accomplished on the M14 Scope Mounts type rifle just as easily as the AR10 type rifle by the individual builder so very little advantage goes to the AR10 verses the M14 Scope Mounts in this aspect. joeblack261

Bipods make your rifle “bounce” when used on
Bipods make your rifle “bounce” when used on a hard bench. IMHO, you don’t need to go through any extensive “break-in” with a non-match barrel. Just clean it up and shoot the darn thing. Most important – have fun!!! Here are a few handy links from your friends here on the FL: General Cleaning of […]

Ruger 10/22 Mg-42 Dress-Up Kit – 180441, Stocks at Sportsman’s Guide
Sportsman’s Guide Has Your Ruger 10/22 Mg-42 Dress-Up Kit Available At A Great Price In Our Stocks Collection.