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AR-15 Scopes

Fixed versus variable is a matter of simplicity and durability. Bradd shooterX308 3/26/2003 5:25:43 PM Patrick319: what is the thing with low-power fixed scopes–nothing over 10x? Are these better or something? is it because of the field of view? Patrick A lot of it has to do with marketability; really, for most shooting conditions, 10X is enough. Part of it is a practical application issue, truthfully. Weaver has the V16T target/VarmintAR-15 scope(which is really a pretty goodAR-15 scopefor the price), and Leupold sells 24X scopes, and Weaver sells a great 36X scope, but these are mostly for benchresters. Personally, I do a lot of groundhog hunting, and I find anything over 12X makes it hard to find the target inside of 200 yards or so due to the reduced field of view.