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AR-15 Accessories

3/31/2012 6:36:04 PM Originally Posted By CSM: I have two CMP Grade “A” M1A parts AR-15 Accessories and stock sets enroute that I will be building over the next year or so. I read lots of conflicting information about the different manufacturers of the receivers… I am not trying to name call any manufacturer, but I would like to buy a high quality USGI compatible receiver. I have read a lot of opinions, but some seem to conflict, particularly the Fulton-LRB feuding on some forums. I would like to avoid any feuding, but facts are more than welcome. LRB is supposedly the “best” as they are forged. Plus, their M25 integral rail is very cool and appears better than the Brookfield mount and knockoffs. Fulton has the best website, but actually uses their own Armscorp Receivers, but they have a “CMP” deal. 7.62mm I have read little about, also has a “CMP” deal. Smith Ent.- Expensive, haven’t read anything about them. Smith seems to have an excellent reputation though on the rest of their parts. Thanks for the assistance and edumacation. Here’s my .02 Just because a receiver is forged doesn’t mean it’s any good or is the best. 762mm firearms forged receivers are a perfect example. LRB= 1 year warranty versus lifetime for all other makers. Not made to USGI specs. Still has some problems, one of which is a shorter than spec. bridge & doesn’t have proper firing pin retraction. Receiver lug location to far forward on some receivers which is only good for non chrome lined barrels (tho some builders are moving the receiver lugs back so they headspace for chrome lined barrels). New in wrap bolts won’t close on some new receivers requiring major fitting. Fulton These are not made by Armscorp. Although a cast receiver, it’s by far the closest to be USGI spec. compared to others. Very minor fitting if any, is needed for parts to fit as they should. USGI & commercial barrels have headspaced on all Fultons receivers I’ve worked on. Can’t say that about LRB or others. 7.62mm receivers. Early receivers had serious problems. Only 5 out of the 26 I’ve seen were good enough to build on. Unless they have proven to be better now, I would pass on them. Smith Ent. I’ve built almost a dozen rifles on these so far. The 1rst 4 needed serious fitting & I had to machine the mag wells so USGI magazines would fit like they should because mags wouldn’t go in. I just finished a build on a later Smith Ent. receiver & it was near perfect. Might be a crap shoot getting a good one or maybe they finally took QC seriously. Hopefully they will be this good in the future. If you’re a poker player you could try your luck. Originally Posted By spankybear: Originally Posted By Primitive: If you plan on putting optics on the rifle the only answer is LRB M25. My name is on the list for a build, wait time is about 4-6 months. If you plan on shooting irons check with your builder to see who they recommend. Some builders will not touch the 7.62mm receiver. Why is the only awnser an over priced LRB? Maybe they give kudos to guys who advertise for them ? . fefu23